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Delight in discovery
University of Chicago magazine
November/December 2014: Economic historian Claudia Goldin takes a detective’s joy in gathering clues, analyzing data, and reconstructing the stories behind social issues.

11 Futuristic Ways to Improve Our Cities
November 2014: From robotic sewer rats to talking trash cans.

The Man Who Convinced BMW to Rethink Social
Fast Company
November 13, 2014: BMW had a handle on traditional social media marketing, but it took a risk on a "drift mob" to reach new audiences.

Top CIOs Start the Journey to the ‘Digital Enterprise’
November 2014: The buzzphrase digital enterprise can be mushy. What does it mean and how do you get there?

Do brain games really work?
Boston Globe Magazine
October 12, 2014: We spend more than $1 billion a year trying to keep our minds limber. But we’re often left asking the same big question.

A new challenge
October 9, 2014: The Gates Foundation’s Grand Challenges in Global Health programme is a decade old. How has it done, and what should it do in the future?

STEM’s newest darling: Robotics
Boston Globe Magazine
October 5, 2014: It’s the 21st century’s newest must-study subject. So how can schools get more students exposed?

Electric Vehicles Sell Power Back to the Grid
Wall Street Journal
September 29, 2014: Delaware test fleet makes money by serving as an electricity reserve; other projects to come.


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