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What Reporters Need to Know About Net Neutrality
Nieman Reports
March 16, 2015: With audiences moving online, journalists have a vested interest in covering this complicated topic

Will the MBTA commuter rail ever run on time?
Boston Globe Magazine
February 22, 2015: Keolis took over in July, vowing to fix things. We’re still waiting

Running With the Bulls
February 2015: Boston tech predictions for 2015

What does Cambridge sewage say about residents? MIT intends to find out
Boston Globe
January 9, 2015: A new project aims to understand a city’s health and habits through its waste

Singapore wants a driverless version of Uber
Technology Review
December 23, 2014: Singapore plans to open one of its busy neighborhoods to driverless cars in 2015

Embracing Encryption in an Age of Surveillance
Nieman Reports
Fall 2014: Surveillance technologies make it more important for journalists abroad to protect sources

12 ideas for making Boston more inclusive
Boston Globe Magazine
December 3, 2014: Ideas number 3 (Smarter in the City) and 6 (Next Street Financial)

Delight in discovery
University of Chicago magazine
November/December 2014: Economic historian Claudia Goldin takes a detective’s joy in gathering clues, analyzing data, and reconstructing the stories behind social issues.


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