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2012 articles
Sitegeist Smartphone App Provides Location Insight Using Public Data and Social Media
Data Informed
December 28, 2012: A smart phone app highlights public data in a more visual way.

The New England Aquarium’s Splashy New Look
Boston Globe Magazine
December 9, 2012: The facility is pulling off a major renovation and doing it in public view.

Free Textbooks Spell Disruption for College Publishers
Technology Review
November 19, 2012: Startup companies offering knockoff textbooks are attracting students, and lawsuits

What is your total cost of risk (TCOR)?
November 12, 2012: For security, working with your insurance managers is just smart policy

Perpetual Oceans, a NASA Visualization Designed for the Masses
Data Informed
November 1, 2012: Beautiful visualization beguiles, but companies should beware.

45 years of creative evolution in the IT industry and beyond
October 22, 2012: As Computerworld turns 45, pundits and IT executives look back over decades of stunning technical advances.

Video content analysis: Still looking for its place
October 30, 2012: Analyst Jon Cropley says use of video surveillance is spreading, though early hype hinders technology adoption

An Interactive Map Visualizes Great Lakes Water Currents
Data Informed
October 5, 2012: A map of wind flow provides inspiration for visualizing water currents.

Carmel: A little bit of Western Europe in central Indiana
August 24, 2012: Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard on why he likes roundabouts and other elements of European urban design.

Around the world in search of climate change
August 23, 2012: A Q&A with author Daniel Grossman on why a team of scientists thinks the Pliocene era tells us our future.

Tech hotshots: the rise of the IT business analyst
July 12, 2012: The once lowly business analyst is suddenly in high demand. Here's how to work well with the ones you've got.

The OECD Better Life Index: Empowering users to sort and analyze data
Data Informed
July 6, 2012: The stodgy OECD brings creative flair -- and flowers! -- to bear on a mess of life satisfaction data.

Gamers Unite!
Fast Company
May 2012: An Icelandic gaming company tries to bring console and video games together. It could make massively multiplayer games way more massive.

Layered defense for software applications
April 2012: Securing your applications has never been more important, and there are lots of ways to do just that -- as long as you don't mind onions

The First Fuel Is Efficiency
Technology Review
April 4, 2012: A startup weaves meter readings and weather data into insights about buildings

Cell phones offer targeted marketing in developing countries
March 13, 2012 : An interview with Jana CEO Nathan Eagle.

What does APT really mean?
March 2012: And what should companies really do about advanced persistent threats from hackers?

A very young CEO
Technology Review
February 17, 2012: At 23, Seth Priebatsch has a life that's all about winning, and not much else.

Why science is fragile
Boston Globe
January 8, 2012: A conversation with Robert N. McCauley about his book "Why Religion Is Natural and Science Is Not"

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